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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

world of warcraft: got my account back :D

WOO! got my account hacked and now i have it back, strangley enough i am missing nothing! my mining is now 450 :P coolness lol have all you wowfags checked your email?? look in your spam! there is free 7 day email for everyone that plays wow :"D go check right now! but first help me out!


it gives me ponts toward a wow card and it will give u one to! try it :D and please please pllooeafhoghowhgs dont just skip out on me XD thanks guys

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

world of warcraft: rally pissed

ok so the new cata characters are availible to look at :D but guess what? worgens are on the ALLIANCE WTFFFFFF???? hhh . . . why they are evil lookeng = horde . .. . hmmm how many of u are angry about this

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World of Warcraft: who hates ganking??? I DO (sorry i have been gone)

F*** GANKING MAN!!!! i have been trying to level my new mage, got him to 70 and now im being ganked to shit in the outlands!!! god dammit it makes me so mad!!! every time i go there i manage to run into a giant horde of 80's patrolling the place! I have tried to gather a few of my friends and hop on my 80 and see if we can beat them but they ust keep multiplying!!! dam, so tell me you guys, are you experiencing any of this? what is your worst/best ganking stories?

(sorry i havent posted recently, Dad passed away . . . )