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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

world of warcraft: got my account back :D

WOO! got my account hacked and now i have it back, strangley enough i am missing nothing! my mining is now 450 :P coolness lol have all you wowfags checked your email?? look in your spam! there is free 7 day email for everyone that plays wow :"D go check right now! but first help me out!


it gives me ponts toward a wow card and it will give u one to! try it :D and please please pllooeafhoghowhgs dont just skip out on me XD thanks guys

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

world of warcraft: rally pissed

ok so the new cata characters are availible to look at :D but guess what? worgens are on the ALLIANCE WTFFFFFF???? hhh . . . why they are evil lookeng = horde . .. . hmmm how many of u are angry about this

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

World of Warcraft: who hates ganking??? I DO (sorry i have been gone)

F*** GANKING MAN!!!! i have been trying to level my new mage, got him to 70 and now im being ganked to shit in the outlands!!! god dammit it makes me so mad!!! every time i go there i manage to run into a giant horde of 80's patrolling the place! I have tried to gather a few of my friends and hop on my 80 and see if we can beat them but they ust keep multiplying!!! dam, so tell me you guys, are you experiencing any of this? what is your worst/best ganking stories?

(sorry i havent posted recently, Dad passed away . . . )

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not World of Warcraft: Music real quick like . . .

ok so lately i have been looking up new genres of music. I love dubsteps: borgore, chrispy, sidelock, etc.
but now i need something new, i love rock and metal, alternative rock is ok to but is there anything i am missing? like do you know of any songs that would freaking blow my mind, if u do please share :D lol btw im making a dubstep and i might release it to my blog  .. .  how many of you would listen to it? its pretty filthy but its my first one so it doesnt have alot of really nice work put into it cause i dont know how to work everything in my FL studio 8 i just got, btw im trying to get #9 but i dont have the money XD so would any of you like to hear it when im done with it?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World of Warcraft: Im out of time . . .

FANTASTIC,  i just ran out of time for World of Warcraft : / i just bought a new car and a tv and so i am friggin out of luck :C hopefully this adsense thing will work and i can make some money :D and if anyone has any extra time they dont need ;) i could so use it

that is all

Monday, October 25, 2010

World of Warcraft: secondary professions

Uhhhhh . . . i know most people dont give a shat about secondary professions I.E.: cooking, fishing, first aid. to me they are just there to pass the time other then first aid, that one really helps in times of desperation, and i know some people have them to get the titles and what not but are they worth the time and effort? like are you reallly gonna cook untill you reach level 450 to get the title master chef? i dont think i would . . . but that is just for cooking, i loveeeeeee to fish! well . . . i dont but my macro does ;) it does all the work for me, like the fishing quests that take an ass load of time in dalaran. you can get some cool stuff from the bags they give out, special pets, pots, lots and lots of gold, its pretty cool, and i dont have to do a thing :D if u want the macro go to my blog archive and look up professions, the link should be there at the bottom! anyways, tell me what you think? do you use secondary professions? why and how much time do you spend on them? and i fyou dont play wow . . . PLAY GOD DAMMIT!!! CLICK ONE OF MY ADS IF IT ISON YOUR PAGE OR GO TO WORLD OF WARCRAFT.COM AND DOWNLOAD THE 14 DAY TRIAL  :P please do it, you will be hooked!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

World of Warcraft: What toon to choose?

One of the hardest decisions is what new toon to choose/start with. unless you have your mind set on a certain one there is alot that can factor in on your decision. first of i have to state the obvious, if you are a newb and want to start off easy and correctly, choose a troll hunter- why?- because you are a beast, your never touched, your pet is. you have alot of good perks for hunters when you are a troll, so just do it! and if you are looking for a new toon and have another one that is above level 70, try out a frost DK. yeah i know what you have heard, DK's are faggot newbs, but they are really fun to play. i am going to make a new mage here soon because they are another fun toon to play and they do HUGE amounts of damage, but if you get hit once you are out for the count. rogues blow, blow balls unless you have someone that can run it to 80. sham's are yet again fun to play along with druids, they are booth equilibrium casters but a shaman is more damaging then aa druid, and a druid can get flight form and not have to pay like 300g for stupid flight and they heal more. priests are neutral, you can be anything you want with a priest, but i suggest you have another toon that can pay for some gear for it. Warlocks are worse then mages and hunters but if u want to be it . . . go ahead, not advised from me though. palidans are another equilibrium toon, they can be a healer and they can be a beast tank, they arnt much fun to play but you willlll rape if u get your talent tree right. and last but not least warriors, if you like going ahead of the team and having complete control over everyone a warrior is for you. they are ok to play but they cost alot to grow if u want good gear.

uhhhhh yeah this was just a quick overview so dont take this seriously! choose whatever the hell you want!
(i did this in like 2 minutes)
that is all

World of Warcraft: what do you listen to?

What do you listen to while you play? what makes you play better? and why? i have this connection that if you listen to music whilst playing video games you concentrate more on what you are doing because it drowns out the background noise that might otherwise break your concentration. I, myself, listen to rock/metal when i am just running around: Metallica, slipknot, Korn, etc. but when i am in it to win it, like tanking a hard ass dungeon or something i turn on my dubs. I love the bumps from the speakers ;D i turn it up to 11 and  destroy. post your favorite dubstep, hard bass songs, anything that sounds good and will blow your speakers ;)

my favorate dubsteps:
Sidelock - deceit   link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH70qMSSi6U&feature=related
chrispy - roll out   link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pUlsbF3KbI
:D autobots, roll out

that is all.

World of Warcraft: professions

ok for all of you noobs, nubs, and idiots out there: here is a good list of professions that will help you choose what one is right for your character!

Main Professions:

Alchemy- good for casters, pvpers! have herb as your second prof. and a lot of gold to spend but also to receive! you will be able to make PVP pots that sell very well on the AH, also you can make meta and .  ..  Normal(?) gems. which rake in a lot of money but is not the best money maker out there.

Blacksmithing- Good for warriors, and plate armour users. get mining as your second prof. this is a good one for a second or third character, you must spend ALOT of money to get this prof. up and to the best it can get: buying mats, scrolls for new items. but when you get it high enough you will be able to make some of the best gear in the game and be ahead of the faggots on your level.

enchanting- Good for  . . .  any i guess. This is a very nutral prof. if u want to play it safe- here u go

Engineering - good for any! this prof is a shit ton of fun! you get to make so so so many cool things that noone else can get there hands on (less now that they made the pets tradeable) but the pets still sell for a very good price but you should probobly take caution : after a certain level all of the good stuff dies off. in other words, its good to be a noob and have this or just on an extra character. Make sure to get mining with this one

Herbalism- ehhhh good for casters-ish. VERY BORING, if you are looking for an exiting gathering prof look towards mining.

Jewel crafting - good for any! but another spendy prof, have alchamy with it or mining your choice. you will be able to make some good stuff and it helps to have this at an early stage because you get some good gear to start out with

Leather working - if your a leather wearer look at this proffesion. good to have for a new toon, some classes grow out of leather and into mail. get skinning if this is your choice

Mining - the mother of all prof.  the equilibrium, best choice if u cant decide, in my opinion its better then herbalism. fast,easy,fun and you make alot of money for copper! i mean DAMN wtf. . . good to start and end with!

Tailoring - mages or other clothies. dont . ..  just dont do it faggots unless you are a mage or another clothy. just . . . no

Skinning- get it for leather working. that iss all! if u dont have leatherworking screw this one\

inscription - another ehhhhh one. if you want to make your life easier through out the game without spending shit tons of gold for glyphs then go ahead and get this one (personally have never tried this one)

secondary profesions:

cooking - dont bother

First aid - get it

Fishing - time waster, semi fun. if you do get this please please please look up ACtool download it and find the fishing pro macro that is made by quietknight. figure out how it works you lazy newb and use it! set the coordinates and hit play, watch it for a few minutes to make sure it is auto clicking and watch you bags fill up!, i let mine run for an entire day and i got from level 1 fishing to level 250 or some crazy number like that

that covers it! I MAY do a new one for the new prof. that are coming out with cata but maybe not ;) 
that is all

BTW: links for ACtool
^^^ for above scroll down the page to where it says:
the bot

CODE              <<<<<<<<<
//wow fishing bot v1.1            ^
etc                                         ^
and copy alllllllll of it under CODE
and past it into the ac tool and then read all of it. if you have questions on how this works PLEASE talk to me! Comment and maybe ill email you and help you out. also, its called a bot but its a macro, completely legal you wont get in trouble but occasionally you mmight want to talk or strech your legs and kill something :D tell me if this helps you

that is all

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not world of warcraft: FALLOUT NEW VEGAS!!!!1!!!!

k, so i know its not world of warcraft related but its a fricken amazing game. i played the hell out of fallout 3, beat every mission any way possible, bankrupted the entire game, owned and made every special gun there was.
so i want to know -from those of you who have played- HOW IS IT????? i havent been able to play it because my xbox took a rather unfortunate dive off the top of my stair case . . . . but it sadens me that i have yet to play the game that i have anticipated since i beat fallout 3 for the first time XD well tell me how it is: flaws, perks, new things, tips,tricks! that is all!

Friday, October 22, 2010

World of warcraft: rogues . . . WTF????!?

Rogues . . . yea i spell their name correctly, unlike 90% of the world of warcraft community. WHY DO THEY BLOW SO HARD!!!! i have a level 71 undead rogue, AND I CANT GET HIM UP ANY MORE!!!! I attempt to go and do random dungeons, but sadly my shatty leather armour cant withstand one blow from the weakest monster in there. now i know i should keep trying because they seem to do pretty good DPS when they get to 80 and what not. so does anyone have any advise, tips, tricks or anything about rogues coming up in the new expansion?? much appriciated. That is all.

World of warcraft: Horde or alliance? why?

FOR THE HORDE!!!!!! or are you an ALLIANCE??? I have chosen to take the side of the horde, not only because i like the sound of "level 80, undead rogue" and the small fact that they rape on the servers that i play on. the downside of being on the horde is that in the upcoming expansion "Cataclysm" you alliance noobs get the bada$$ worga(e)ns! and the hordes get the  . . . . super amazing goblins  . . . . . yay . . . cause i really want to be 2 feet tall, green, and ugly; compaired to the badass, tall, slander and sexy worge(a)ns (soon enough you will see fetishes for them.)  but we have all the cooler older species, all you have is the "good" guys, and you all know: GOOD GUYS NEVER FINISH FIRST. :D that is all

Thursday, October 21, 2010

world of warcraft: new expansion

CATACLYSM!!!! pretty friggin sweet, cant wait for the worgens :D but the new proffesion sounds really really dumb, what was it? archeology?  . . .. . mmmk

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

world of warcraft: let downs

sadly, we all have to pay for world of warcraft: 30 dollars for 2 months . . . i wish it was alot less. but i guess it keeps the addons and new stuff coming so i cant complain cause without it we wouldnt have the new cataclysm expansion coming out. but im sure if they lowered it just a little bit then  it would gain them alot more money. anyone agree with me?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World of warcraft: how many people play?

Ok, now on to my blog. World of warcraft -or wow for the veterans of the game- is a very recognized game.
do you have a computer? do you live someplace other then under a rock? good then you have heard of it :D just recently it hit its 13 million player mark . . . . 13 MILLLION!!! do you comprehend how many players that is?
let me set it up to you like this, do you have an xbox or ps3? yes? then do you have any online games I.e. call of duty, gears of war, halo . . . . yeah? ok each of those games roughly holds 100-200 thousand people . . . about 201 thousand counting the nooblets that cant afford internet and are stuck playing multiplayer by themselves.

so world of warcraft has about  65 times the amount of players as your shatty little xbox and playstation! so get off your lame consels and get into the real action: world of warcraft!!!!

World of warcraft: do you click or macro?

all newbs click, oldguys macro. that is all, or prove me wrong?