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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World of warcraft: how many people play?

Ok, now on to my blog. World of warcraft -or wow for the veterans of the game- is a very recognized game.
do you have a computer? do you live someplace other then under a rock? good then you have heard of it :D just recently it hit its 13 million player mark . . . . 13 MILLLION!!! do you comprehend how many players that is?
let me set it up to you like this, do you have an xbox or ps3? yes? then do you have any online games I.e. call of duty, gears of war, halo . . . . yeah? ok each of those games roughly holds 100-200 thousand people . . . about 201 thousand counting the nooblets that cant afford internet and are stuck playing multiplayer by themselves.

so world of warcraft has about  65 times the amount of players as your shatty little xbox and playstation! so get off your lame consels and get into the real action: world of warcraft!!!!


  1. it doesnt hold 200k,, just 200k happen to be online. How many players are online on wow compared to how many have accounts?

  2. there are millions of accounts...
    but you're right. Theyre all not all online at the same time. I too would be curious to see a site detailing the statistics of WoW players

    I'm stoked for Cata :3
    looking forward for my worgen warrior

  3. oh i know i cant wait for the worgens :D

  4. use to play wow, got bored of it :(

  5. Paying 15 dollars a month every month dosen't really suit my fancy. I would much rather pay 60 once and enjoy it untill the next one comes out. But thats just how I roll. Follow me back?