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Friday, October 22, 2010

World of warcraft: Horde or alliance? why?

FOR THE HORDE!!!!!! or are you an ALLIANCE??? I have chosen to take the side of the horde, not only because i like the sound of "level 80, undead rogue" and the small fact that they rape on the servers that i play on. the downside of being on the horde is that in the upcoming expansion "Cataclysm" you alliance noobs get the bada$$ worga(e)ns! and the hordes get the  . . . . super amazing goblins  . . . . . yay . . . cause i really want to be 2 feet tall, green, and ugly; compaired to the badass, tall, slander and sexy worge(a)ns (soon enough you will see fetishes for them.)  but we have all the cooler older species, all you have is the "good" guys, and you all know: GOOD GUYS NEVER FINISH FIRST. :D that is all


  1. i chose alliance since my friend was there. plus i thought the night elf druid looked badass.

  2. horde as always since warcraft 2 :)