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Sunday, October 24, 2010

World of Warcraft: What toon to choose?

One of the hardest decisions is what new toon to choose/start with. unless you have your mind set on a certain one there is alot that can factor in on your decision. first of i have to state the obvious, if you are a newb and want to start off easy and correctly, choose a troll hunter- why?- because you are a beast, your never touched, your pet is. you have alot of good perks for hunters when you are a troll, so just do it! and if you are looking for a new toon and have another one that is above level 70, try out a frost DK. yeah i know what you have heard, DK's are faggot newbs, but they are really fun to play. i am going to make a new mage here soon because they are another fun toon to play and they do HUGE amounts of damage, but if you get hit once you are out for the count. rogues blow, blow balls unless you have someone that can run it to 80. sham's are yet again fun to play along with druids, they are booth equilibrium casters but a shaman is more damaging then aa druid, and a druid can get flight form and not have to pay like 300g for stupid flight and they heal more. priests are neutral, you can be anything you want with a priest, but i suggest you have another toon that can pay for some gear for it. Warlocks are worse then mages and hunters but if u want to be it . . . go ahead, not advised from me though. palidans are another equilibrium toon, they can be a healer and they can be a beast tank, they arnt much fun to play but you willlll rape if u get your talent tree right. and last but not least warriors, if you like going ahead of the team and having complete control over everyone a warrior is for you. they are ok to play but they cost alot to grow if u want good gear.

uhhhhh yeah this was just a quick overview so dont take this seriously! choose whatever the hell you want!
(i did this in like 2 minutes)
that is all


  1. Tank all the way. Less effort. I'm not trying to be stressed out by my videogames

  2. Hm...in STO, I like playing a balance between tank and healer.

  3. i can never decide which character to choose in any mmorpg, it's sad^^

  4. Interesting....never played wow though

  5. Yes, yes....gotta go with the tank! Keepin' it simple :D

  6. I'm not too familiar with this game