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Sunday, October 24, 2010

World of Warcraft: professions

ok for all of you noobs, nubs, and idiots out there: here is a good list of professions that will help you choose what one is right for your character!

Main Professions:

Alchemy- good for casters, pvpers! have herb as your second prof. and a lot of gold to spend but also to receive! you will be able to make PVP pots that sell very well on the AH, also you can make meta and .  ..  Normal(?) gems. which rake in a lot of money but is not the best money maker out there.

Blacksmithing- Good for warriors, and plate armour users. get mining as your second prof. this is a good one for a second or third character, you must spend ALOT of money to get this prof. up and to the best it can get: buying mats, scrolls for new items. but when you get it high enough you will be able to make some of the best gear in the game and be ahead of the faggots on your level.

enchanting- Good for  . . .  any i guess. This is a very nutral prof. if u want to play it safe- here u go

Engineering - good for any! this prof is a shit ton of fun! you get to make so so so many cool things that noone else can get there hands on (less now that they made the pets tradeable) but the pets still sell for a very good price but you should probobly take caution : after a certain level all of the good stuff dies off. in other words, its good to be a noob and have this or just on an extra character. Make sure to get mining with this one

Herbalism- ehhhh good for casters-ish. VERY BORING, if you are looking for an exiting gathering prof look towards mining.

Jewel crafting - good for any! but another spendy prof, have alchamy with it or mining your choice. you will be able to make some good stuff and it helps to have this at an early stage because you get some good gear to start out with

Leather working - if your a leather wearer look at this proffesion. good to have for a new toon, some classes grow out of leather and into mail. get skinning if this is your choice

Mining - the mother of all prof.  the equilibrium, best choice if u cant decide, in my opinion its better then herbalism. fast,easy,fun and you make alot of money for copper! i mean DAMN wtf. . . good to start and end with!

Tailoring - mages or other clothies. dont . ..  just dont do it faggots unless you are a mage or another clothy. just . . . no

Skinning- get it for leather working. that iss all! if u dont have leatherworking screw this one\

inscription - another ehhhhh one. if you want to make your life easier through out the game without spending shit tons of gold for glyphs then go ahead and get this one (personally have never tried this one)

secondary profesions:

cooking - dont bother

First aid - get it

Fishing - time waster, semi fun. if you do get this please please please look up ACtool download it and find the fishing pro macro that is made by quietknight. figure out how it works you lazy newb and use it! set the coordinates and hit play, watch it for a few minutes to make sure it is auto clicking and watch you bags fill up!, i let mine run for an entire day and i got from level 1 fishing to level 250 or some crazy number like that

that covers it! I MAY do a new one for the new prof. that are coming out with cata but maybe not ;) 
that is all

BTW: links for ACtool
^^^ for above scroll down the page to where it says:
the bot

CODE              <<<<<<<<<
//wow fishing bot v1.1            ^
etc                                         ^
and copy alllllllll of it under CODE
and past it into the ac tool and then read all of it. if you have questions on how this works PLEASE talk to me! Comment and maybe ill email you and help you out. also, its called a bot but its a macro, completely legal you wont get in trouble but occasionally you mmight want to talk or strech your legs and kill something :D tell me if this helps you

that is all


  1. thanks, some good info here. always remember to max out the secondary professions.

  2. Engineering is awesomely useful in PvP.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Definitly gonna use it.

  4. LoL, thanx fot theese infos bra.
    Great title imagine.

  5. im so glad i got out of this game :)